Thursday, September 14, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 9/14

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Teresa Mason Browning!


Name: Teresa Mason Browning aka “Miz Author T”

How long have you been published? I have been published 17 years now; to God be all the glory!

What's the worst part about being published? Keeping up with the demand and producing another novel worth reading!

What's the best part about being published? Knowing that when someone cracks the cover they will receive a blessing that will make them cry, laugh and understand the gift God has set up in the book.  We get down sometimes but that doesn’t mean stay down always. There is a light at end of the tunnel. We just have to turn the page to see it!

Are you self published or did you go through a publishing company? I am currently self-published and have been for 15 years.

*What are the highs, if any? *What are the lows, if any? The highs are I don’t have to answer to anyone, I am my own “Boss Lady”. I set the tone for what my readers will capture in the next novel.
The lows are we won’t reach everyone that we would like to; Indie authors can get a bad deal (meaning) certain places won’t let us in (carry our books). It’s almost as if they feel our books are not written well enough to stand against someone with a traditional publishing house.

What is the name of your book(s)? “Why I Kept My Past A Secret, Now That The Secrets Are Out, Living Free Of The Secrets, A Black Man’s Pain and my two latest releases are All That Glitters Ain’t Gold and Sitting Behind The Gates Of Hell”.

Was it/were they an easy write for you? I believe when you write from the heart and you are sharing wisdom and knowledge it is easier to write a story because a greater understanding is your primary goal.

What's the hardest part about writing a book? Choosing the topic that you want to share.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? Letting go and letting the pen catch ablaze!

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? My website and secondly. Amazon. As an indie author we ask that you support us first (our websites). We have worked extremely hard to perfect our craft and we hope to receive the blessing for the work we have done.

Do you have any future projects in the works? I do have three novels in the works. However God is pointing me in another direction where I will continue to write nonetheless, I’m going to shift my focus just a little to speaking more. I am a “Motivational Speaker” and I want to help people forgive, let go of the past and breathe again for there is life in you. I want you to be able to live the purpose driven life through encouragement and understanding that you can do all things through Christ who strengths you!

*Is there a tentative release date? I will produce two or all three new novels by the end of 2018.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? FB, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn: Teresa Mason Browning. Join my groups Books &Music with MizAuthorT and Sistahcircleconfessions.


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