Friday, July 21, 2017

Flow Friday

Welcome to Flow Friday! Poetry lovers, kick back and enjoy the read!


"Deceased Denise" by Terry James
Upon a stone one night she sat, a lovely corpse in midnight black.
And on that stone was etched “Denise”, and for seven years she’d been deceased.
The dress she wore was torn and frayed, her face was pale and part decayed.
Heavy on her heart did weigh, a chain that kept her there to stay.
It was her lover’s face she longed to see, to feel his kiss, to set her free.
But all she did was sit and cry, you see, she did not have her eyes.
Now not too far away from her, each night another corpse would stir.
He stared at her with abated breath, he’d loved her long before his death. 
He’d try to reach her from his grave, but his own chains they never gave.
Each night he tried to call her name, each night the end result the same.
Never would he feel rejoice, you see, he had no throat or voice.
So forever they were cursed apart, forever never joining hearts.
A loathsome end to this saddened tale, of star crossed lovers whose love had failed.
But for those who live and love they yearn, remember here a lesson learned.
For those with eyes they need but see, and those with voices need but speak. 

"The Hood Tells No Tales" by Shatika Turner
So I wanted to hear a story
One that for once does not bore me
Keep me intrigued
So I looked out the window thinking “Yea, this will work”
Saw the corner boys doing their usual
Pants on low
Pockets full of dough
So soon as 5-0 came around
Pounding footsteps was the usual sound
Seen the new mother sittin on her stoop
Wondered if she ever contemplated going back to school
Her baby daddy ain’t no good
Steady “swaggin” around the hood
He says he gets money
But I find that funny
Because the baby don’t have necessities
The parents poppin pills like daily festivities
Seen a body drop the other day
I had to quickly look the other way
Another young life gone to soon
Because now and days everybody wants to live the life of a “goon”

Every Friday, I will showcase one or two other poet's work. If this is something that you are interested in participating in, please click on this link and fill out the form. Poems will be posted in no particular order so be sure to keep an eye out for yours!😉

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/20

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Joe Evener!


Name: Joe Evener

How long have you been published? My first book, "The Heart of Seras: Journey to Seras" was published in 2013. My second book in the series, "The heart of Seras: The Elders" came out in 2015.

What's the worst part about being published? The worst part, if there is one, is not being able to type fast enough to get my books out quicker.

What's the best part about being published? That's easy, seeing the labor of my hard work and ideas come to print.

Are you self published or did you go through a publishing company? I am published through Rogue Phoenix Press.

*What are the highs, if any? The high point is that my work is made available to the public, and people are enjoying them.

What is the name of your book(s)? My first two books are part of a series, The Heart of Seras series. The first one is Journey to Seras, the second one is The Elders.

Was it/were they an easy write for you? Yes, the ideas came to me easy. I started writing my book series in 2005 during my first year of college (I was 41 years old at the time), after being inspired by a freshman writing class which had the first three books of Harry Potter as textbooks, and Classical Mythology 101. After that, the story just flowed.

What's the hardest part about writing a book? Finding time – besides being a husband, father, and grandfather; I'm a 5th grade language arts/social studies teacher, and a high school track coach, so finding time to sit down and write is he hardest part.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? The ideas. I have a pretty active imagination and that makes coming up with stories to tell pretty easy. I love reading, especially fantasy books – The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, stuff like that. I also loved comic books growing up. So I used to make up stories just to have fun and escape for a while. I love my current series, The Heart of Seras. It's something I have been working on since 2005. I just finished book three, "Revelation," and I have three more to go before it's finished. After that, I have seven – eight other ideas I can't wait to work on.

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? My books are available on Rogue Phoenix Press, Amazon, and Barnes and in print and ebook.

Do you have any future projects in the works? Yes, book three "Revelation" will hopefully be out later this year. I also have a dark romance book in the vein of "Lolita" that I am really excited about, and it's in the final editing stage.

*Is there a tentative release date? No, for either. I am hoping for a late fall release for "Revelation," but I have to do a final edit on the other before I continue with The Heart of Seras series.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? Yes! People can follow me on Facebook, on Twitter; and on Instagram

Thank you for you time and I look forward to reading more from you in the future! Thanks again.


Join me next week as I bring you more authors! 


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/18

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Jacquelyn Wiles.


Name: Jacquelyn Wiles

How long have you been published? I have been published since June 10th, 2016.

What's the worst part about being published? There is nothing bad with being published.

What's the best part about being published? The best part about being published is gaining new readers, and meeting amazing authors to network with.

Are you self published or did you go through a publishing company? I am self-published through Createspace.

*What are the highs, if any? The highs are being able to do everything on your own, in your own time.

*What are the lows, if any? The lows are that you have really market to gain a new audience.

What is the name of your book(s)? My published book is Don't Trust A Stranger.

Was it/were they an easy write for you? It was very easy to write, it's partially a true story with some made up scenerios along the way.

What's the hardest part about writing a book? The hardest part about writing a book is getting rid of writer's block, Sometimes you can really be into writing and then all of a sudden during a scene you get stuck.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? The easiest part about writing is throwing words together, you can always go back and change how you want something to feel and sound later.

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? Amazon, Createspace, and Barnes & Nobles online are a few places my book can be found.

Do you have any future projects in the works? I have two new books in the works, the sequel to Don't Trust A Stranger is You Can't Trust Anyone then a horror novel called Neighborhood Nightmare

*Is there a tentative release date? I have no release dates for either book at this moment, but it will be soon.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? My Facebook, my Twitter, and my Instagram


Join me on Thursday as I bring you author Joe Evener!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Flow Friday

For those of you that know me, or even know of me, you will know that I love poetry. 20 years ago, my literary career began with writing poetry and it will end with writing poetry. So far, I've written three poetry books and two children's poetry books. I've also written and endless amount of poems that have yet to be published. However, more than anything, I love reading another's words and seeing what it is that I can take away from them. I have a secret lust for well written word play and an addiction to the way words can make me feel.

To show just how much I love poetry, I have decided to do a "Flow Friday" in my blog. Every Friday, I will showcase one or two other poet's work. I've always been one to share another poet's work; it's what I did in my first two books. If this is something that you are interested in participating in, please click on this link and fill out the form. Poems will be posted in no particular order so be sure to keep an eye out for yours!😉

To kick off "Flow Friday", I'm going to share one of the longest poems that ever I've written. I hope you enjoy the read. Have a great night and I'll see you next Friday for more poetry from talented poets!


“Obsessed” by La Kata E.K.

From afar, you stand there watching her,
Since that’s all that you can do,
No longer allowed to be near her,
Poor guy… She’s pulled away from you…
An acquaintance you were in the beginning,
But over time a friendship grew,
While you developed a love for her,
It wasn’t the same from her point of view…
All she wanted from you was friendship,
Her husband’s name, on her arm, a tattoo,
A couple of messages might’ve gone too far,
But to her husband, she always stayed true…
Somewhere, however, lines became crossed,
And your feelings for her turned into,
Something that was no longer a comfort,
But that of a friendship’s taboo…
For awhile, you kept your feelings hidden,
To show her, you didn’t think fair,
It was if you were playing a game with your heart,
Kind of a lonely man’s truth or dare…
You were available when she needed a shoulder,
A hand to hold, it was yours that was there,
The more she needed you, the closer she came,
To finding out feelings that you just couldn’t share.
Over time your love for her turned into obsession,
You two were soul mates, on that you would swear,
But none was the wiser, especially her,
That around you, was a dangerous air…
You began feeling like she should’ve been with you,
The fact that she had a husband, you just didn’t care,
You felt that the two of you had a connection,
One that she, with her husband, just couldn‘t compare…
There were moments that you tried to distance yourself,
A complicated choice, but she even agreed,
But those moments seemed like they dragged on forever,
And for her, you always felt this need…
You never could handle her absence too well,
To come back, sometimes you would beg her and plead,
As these moments continued to drag on forever,
Between the lines, is where she started to read…
A beautiful flower was what she assumed she created,
From the friendship that started off as a seed,
Over time she began to realize that her beautiful plant,
Was nothing more than your average weed…
The pain from the reality that she was starting to see,
Was enough to make her heart want to crumble and bleed,
But what hurt even more, was the girl’s permanent decision,
That into the background, was where she would recede…
No one was the wiser, not even the guy,
When he found out that their friendship was through,
But she had to remain honest within herself,
And to her husband, faithful and true…
She never really felt like the need for explanation,
Because her heart was already heavy and blue,
And why go through the pain of saying goodbyes,
When you can bid a phantom adieu…
Out of all of the people that she considered her friends,
He was special because he was one of the few,
Over time she developed a special love for him,
That continued growing as the friendship grew.
I guess what I’m trying to say by telling this story,
Is how no one was the wiser or would’ve had a clue,
That while you were becoming obsessed with her,
All along, she was obsessed with you…

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/13

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Yomeica Webb!


Name: Yomeica Webb 

How long have you been published? Since January 2017

What's the worst part about being published? Scrutiny and limitations

What's the best part about being published? Marketing and exposure

Are you self published or did you go through a publishing company? Both 

*What are the highs, if any? Assistance and promotion, less work on your part because you have help . With self publishing, I get all of my royalties and that is the best ever.

*What are the lows, if any? Self publishing requires a lot of investing money and time. Publishing companies want royalties.

What is the name of your book(s)? "Meet the Tears": Attention please and NYC's Melting Pot KIDZ: "You can touch my hair"

Was it/were they an easy write for you? I couldn't believe how easy it came to me.

What's the hardest part about writing a book? Work and business interruption - other books come to mind.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? The concept flowed perfectly.

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads,and my website

Do you have any future projects in the works? Yes, definitely.

*Is there a tentative release date? May 20th 

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? Facebook and my website.


Join me next week as I bring you more authors!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/11

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Connie B. Dowell!!


Name: Connie B. Dowell

How long have you been published? I published my first book in May 2014 and haven’t looked back.

What's the worst part about being published? What's the best part about being published? The answer to both these questions is reviews. An awesome review can make your day. It’s fantastic to know that somebody else hopped into a world that sprang out of my head and had a great time. A negative review that teaches you something might sting, but is still ultimately a good. The worst, though, are negative reviews that don’t teach me anything about how to be a better writer. They’re just a bummer.

Are you self published or did you go through a publishing company? I happily self published my young adult fiction and nonfiction, but I’ve recently gotten serious about picture books. Because of different marketing concerns (and, frankly, wanting to see what’s on the other side of the fence) I’m in the throes of querying for once with those books.
*What are the highs, if any? One big high of being self pubbed is getting my hands in every part of the process, even if I’m not the one actually doing it. It’s excellent training for a broader publishing career one day down the road.
*What are the lows, if any? One big low is that there is still a bit of stigma about self publishing, because anybody with enough time and stubbornness can do it. It’s always a loaded question when a layperson asks your publishing method. Are they going to assume you self pubbed because you couldn’t crack it the traditional way? For the record, self publishing was a first choice for all the books I’ve chosen to put out in that method. I was attracted to the entrepreneurial aspect.

What is the name of your book(s)? My two works of fiction are The Poison in All of Us (a YA mystery set in 1918) and The Orchid Caper (a YA heist comedy that’s high on silliness). Both of these are series starters. My first book was a nonfiction aimed at entering college students, called You Can Love Writing: A Guide to Get through Your College Papers and Like It.

Was it/were they an easy write for you? A bit of both, honestly. There were easy parts (getting into character for Ian and Darlene in The Orchid Caper and hitting my nonfiction voice for YCLW) and tougher stuff (research for The Poison in All of Us was a blast, but took forever and involved multiple trips to different special collections libraries and deciding the exact scope and outline of YCLW took probably as long as the actual writing).

What's the hardest part about writing a book? Butt in chair writing time (or standing at standing desk if I’m feeling like being healthy). This has only gotten tougher after having kids. It’s so easy to overlook the little bits of time when I’m “destressing” but really just goofing off and it’s also easy to let worries about my work prevent me from moving forward.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? The shiny new idea stage. Especially if I have a chance to explore that semi-out loud with a glass of wine and my husband nodding along, sometimes just letting me wander, sometimes suggesting things or asking questions.

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? You can find all my books at
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, (some of them) at iBooks, and (some of them) at Kobo.

Do you have any future projects in the works? *Is there a tentative release date? Oh my gosh, tons! I’m researching and plotting book 2 of the historical mystery series, plus a tie-in short story. I’m working on a tie-in short story for The Orchid Caper, and plenty of picture book manuscripts, as well as two podcasts. Oh, and my fingers have been itching to do a few comics, so you never know. I’m hoping to have both shorts and book 2 of the historical series out by the end of the year.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? You can find all the stuff I do at and you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks, LaKata, for having me on the blog!

Join me on Thursday as I bring you author Yomeica Webb!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/6

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Camilla Stevens! 


Name: Camilla Stevens

How long have you been published? Since June 2016.

What's the worst part about being published? Putting yourself out there is very hard. You are completely vulnerable and exposed. I don’t knock negative reviews (and sometimes find them very helpful), because people are entitled to their opinions, but they still sting, more than I care to admit.

What's the best part about being published? The fact that even one person out there in the world is reading my work. It still amazes me, especially when I get positive feedback.

Are you self-published or did you go through a publishing company?
Self-published. This started as a hobby born from love of writing. I never even bothered trying a publishing company because I still want this to be fun for me and I think bureaucracy would kill that part of it.

*What are the highs, if any? Doing what I want, when I want. So there! ha ha.

*What are the lows, if any? Having do all the work myself, even if it’s finding the right people to do the work for me.

What is the name of your book(s)?
One Night, Mr. Wright & Mr. Wrong, Mr. & Mrs. Wright, Sweet Seduction, So Wrong, Slugger Fever (Publishing summer 2017)

Was it/were they an easy write for you? Yes and no. I have NO trouble coming up with stories. I’m a panster, which means the stories just flow from me without an outline. Unfortunately my brain works faster than my hands and by the time I reach the 70% mark or so I’m itching to move on to the next story in my head. Don’t even get me started on the editing and read-throughs!

I also have fun with my work. I love humor and try to incorporate it in my books. It really makes it easy when you’re laughing along while you write…or better yet, catching those feels. Then I know I’ve done a good job.

What's the hardest part about writing a book?
Self doubt. I read a lot so there’s a constant struggle of comparison, even with authors outside of the genre! There are those that humble you with their brilliance in the written word. Then there are those that humble you with their massive following. It can all drive you crazy.

I just hold on to the that saying: Comparison is the thief of joy.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? The modern era! I won’t plug the services I use but thank goodness for everything out there that makes publishing a book as easy as typing and hitting send. I love that I’m able to share my work with the world this easily!

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? Right now I’m strictly on Amazon Kindle: purchase or Unlimited. I plan on publishing everything in paperback as well by the end of the year.

Do you have any future projects in the works? Right now I’m working on a series of Stand Alone books about Texas Men (because they’re awesome!), (tentatively) called the Texas Troublemaker Books.

After that it will be a series of Stand Alone books about International Men (because they’re awesome!), called the International Lovers Books.

See what I mean about no problems coming up with stories? Lol.

*Is there a tentative release date? I’m setting up a schedule to publish every two months. A lot of the books above are works in progress that have been set aside to return to. Each of the series will have at least three books.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers?
Twitter (I’m very casual there), Facebook Author Page, and my website.


Join me next week as I bring you more authors!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/4

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author BJ Neblett!


Name: BJ Neblett

How long have you been published? My first poetry was published nationally in, Encounter, An Anthology of Modern Poetry, while I was still in high school. Since then I’ve had a few short stories placed in pulp trade anthologies. I got serious about my writing with my first book, Elysian Dreams, published in 2011.

What's the worst part about being published? That’s an interesting question. I am traditionally published, so I try and concentrate on writing. But even with a publisher, there is a never ending list of promotions and signings and such I have to attend. It’s fun, but it does cut into my writing time. The irony about being published and achieving some fame is the more popular you become, the more you have to do and the less time you have for reading.

What's the best part about being published? Ha! I could probably give the same answer: all of the publicity and signings and attention. You know you’ve made it when you are recognized on the bus by your author cover photo.

Are you self-published or did you go through a publishing company? I’ve never been self published, so I’m not qualified to answer fully. I was very lucky to find a publisher for my first book within about six months.

What is the name of your book(s)? My first was Elysian Dreams, a contemporary romantic fantasy adventure. Then came Ice Cream Camelot, a memoir about my growing up during the Kennedy administration. It’s a departure from my usual but something I needed to do. Recently I appeared in the anthology Beyond The Hedge: The Light And The Dark. 2017 will see the book Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, a contemporary fantasy about video gaming. And I am a regular contributor to eFiction and Romance Magazines.

Was it/were they an easy write for you?  I actually find the actual writing the easiest part.

What's the hardest part about writing a book? I guess the hardest part would be to actually find time to sit down and write. I find myself binge writing because a lot comes to me all at once.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? Getting the words exactly right and not revealing the ending. I tend to surprise my readers with plot twists at the end that they never see coming, so I have to be careful. The clues are there, but unless you really look for them, you won’t see them right away until after the denouement.

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? All of my books and magazines are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In the Seattle area, as well as a few other places, I can be found in many book stores.

Do you have any future projects in the works? Planet Alt-Sete-Nine looks like it is turning into at least a trilogy, so they are in the works. My publisher says it’s time to do a compilation of my short stories and another for my romance stories. And I have a couple of ideas for a full contemporary romance novel or two.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? The best place to keep up with me and my books, stories and other projects is my blog. From there readers can email me questions and comments and be put on my email blast list to be notified about releases and signings and such. Also, you can find me on Facebook.

Thank you for you time and I look forward to reading more from you in the future! Thank you. It’s been my pleasure.


Join me on Thursday as I bring you author Camilla Stevens!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Book Releases

A few days ago, I decided to try something new with my blog. Starting today, and on the first of every month, I will be posting a list of that month's book releases. Each list will be listed in chronological order; release dates will come after their book's synopsis.


“The New Recruit” by Elise Abram

When sixteen-year-old Judith meets Cain, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. Cain is the most beautiful human being Judith has ever seen, but he hides a dangerous secret. When Jo-Jo, Cain's surrogate father, offers her a job, she accepts, unaware she's been recruited as a pawn in Jo-Jo's ecoterrorist plot. THE NEW RECRUIT is a timely story, exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

Coming July 1st to Amazon and wherever eBooks are sold. 


“Prowl: Nothing Else Matters but Survival” by Stephanie N. Norris & Deidra D. S. Green

Brooklyn, Drew, Symone, and Leah grew up the best of friends. Their parents co-own and operate Patterson Pharmaceutical Company, a thriving business that has continuously grown over the last ten years. But after the economy took a hard turn, the family business suffered significant losses, leaving the family’s income on pins and needles. To make matters worse, the property the Patterson’s inherited from their late grandparents is up for auction from missed payments the family was not aware they’d missed. With the family’s debt growing and relationships being tested, the four friends decide to take drastic measures to get the funds needed to secure generational survival. Being high-end thieves was not something they agreed on overnight. Taking from the less fortunate they couldn’t stomach, But stealing from those who already had plenty might just save the family from ruin.

Coming July 4th to Amazon. 


“Silhouette Of Our Love” by Yasmine Davis

“Silhouette of Our Love” is the first novel to the remarkable series. It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and introduce you to the gritty yet pleasant city, Greenville, North Carolina. The compelling novel contains relationship, drama, lust, friendship, deception, and past lovers. 

The novel will introduce you to four best friends who was raised in the gritty city but has a lifestyle that many want. Yasmine, Reyna, Victoria, and Troya are hairstylists at Slay Salon and has exclusive relationships that the streets has been talking about. It has one meaning and it’s, ‘Lies you tell but the secrets you keep is the key to winning the game call love,’.

Will these best friends be able to handle their relationship and friendship or will their friendship fall to pieces?

Coming July 5th to Amazon.


“The Follow” by Eliza David
ADVANCE PRAISE for The Follow (via GoodReads): 
"The Follow did not disappoint..." 
" have to be 'in love' with your characters, specifically your male hero, to bring them across as lifelike as possible on the page. I'm not sure what Eliza's writing background is, but MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." 
"Eliza brings Shauna and King together in a satisfying, healing, supportive way. Perfect story told perfectly."
New hire Shauna McIntyre joins The Charisma Group, a New York-based talent agency specializing in social media management. Even though she has never been much of a fangirl in her personal life, Shauna expects that her signature professional task is managing the online fandom of her famous clientele. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with one of them. 
R&B sensation King Smith has made a career of singing soulful tunes and strumming his guitar for his adoring fans. King also harbors a secret: he’s in recovery for sex addiction. When King lays eyes on Shauna, the crooner with a craving for no-strings lust decides to change his life in an effort to hold on to her. 
Once King is tempted by the admiration of a persistent online fan, Shauna has a decision to make. When professional lines are blurred and relentless love takes hold, will Shauna sacrifice her rising career for an affair with a famous man with a seemingly insatiable thirst for his fandom?
Coming July 7th to Amazon.
“My Mother’s Ashes” by Anne Hunter Nash

Audrey Londonderry was just twenty-one when her first novel became a blow-out literary success, but the story of her own life is one she still has questions about. 

Raised by a mentally ill father and a bitter, self-centered mother, Audrey doesn’t know what’s true or false in her life, including her mysterious cowboy muse, Max. Is he a figment of her imagination, the spirit of the boyfriend she lost to heroin her freshman year of college or something even more sinister? 

Now in her fifties, she’s isolated and paranoid—some call her a female Salinger—warding off contact from the outside world as she struggles to write her next novel and maintain the family farm. 

When her agent shows up with her mother’s ashes, Audrey is forced to take stock of her past—and learn whether or not Max is the only route she has to creativity and love.

Coming July 8th to Amazon.


“A Daring Desire” by Jeanne St. James

Take two defense attorneys, add one troubled NFL QB who needs them, and what do you get? A threesome of hot, sexy conflict. 

Gryff Ward made a serious mistake when he hired the hot-as-hell defense attorney Rayne Jordan as an associate in his high-profile legal firm, even though she’s one of the best. Now he’s struggling to keep it professional, especially when she insists on calling him “Boss.” 

Rayne’s been attracted to the firm's top attorney ever since her interview. And she’s well aware that calling the conservative man “Boss” drives him crazy…in a very good way. 

Add Trey Holloway, their newest client, a troubled NFL quarterback, into the mix. Tension arises when it’s clear that both Gryff and Trey want Rayne and Gryff is willing to fight for her. However, Trey doesn’t hide the fact that he wants Gryff too. 

Now Gryff’s having a hard time fighting not only his attraction to Rayne but to another man. Even though he stubbornly refuses to admit his deepest, darkest desires. 

Then Rayne takes control. She’s determined to have them both in not only her bed but her life, and she won’t give up until she does.

Coming July 9th to Amazon.


“Tempted by Ecstasy” by Dakota Trace

Calypso’s agenda continues when a lovely widow contacts her… 

Michelle Cross, or Shelli as her friends call her, is stuck in a rut. With all her kids off at college, this widowed mother splits her time between her charities, and lusting after men – well two men specifically: her late husband’s best friend, James, and her much younger gardener, Doyle. Desperate to resist temptation, she turns to an online dating, but fails horribly. It’s not until James suggests Club Ecstasy, that she decides to try one more time to exorcise the sexy pair from her every fantasy. Besides what could be better than Christmas in West Caicos? 

After making his fortune in the dot-com era, reclusive boy-genuis, Doyle Garcia took up gardening and found his new calling. He loves to get his hands dirty, and the icing on his Tia Roselina’s cake? It also allows him to tempt the luscious Widow Cross into his bed. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one with eyes for her. While he’d been known to share fishing holes with James Redding, could he also share the luscious widow with his friend? Only time will tell when James approaches him with a plan to seduce Shelli – all it will take is a couple first class trips to Club Ecstasy, and keeping his hands off James. The first will be easy? But the second, not so much – because if he finds Shelli attractive, James is temptation incarnate. Too bad he doesn’t realize he’s about to get a little help from a goddess who swears that there are no lines when it comes to no holds barred sex and love.

Coming July 10th to Amazon.


“The Billionaire's Private Scandal” by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Brandon destroyed her family, her trust, and the secret affair she cherished. And he wants HER to explain?

Coming July 10th to Entangled Publishing.


“Maggie” by Violet Howe

I’ve fallen in love twice in my life. 

The first time, I was nineteen. Naïve. Passionate. Willing to believe that fairy tales existed.

The choices I made for love back then ruined my ballet career, destroyed my dreams, and left my heart shattered. I survived by closing myself off to avoid repeating the same mistakes. 

This time, I'm forty-nine. Older. Wiser. Unwilling to give up my independence and risk losing myself again. 
But this city girl has never danced with a cowboy before, and his rugged good looks and gentle charm are threatening to tumble the walls I’ve built around my fragile heart. 

The past has a way of coming back around, though, and sometimes we can’t escape the mistakes we’ve made.

Coming July 10th to Amazon.

“Wicked Intentions” by J.T. Geissinger

A white hot attraction has Ryan McLean chasing a jewel thief around the world. If he can keep her alive, they might have a shot at forever...

Coming July 11th to Amazon, B&N, Google Play, Kobo, iBooks.


“Anticipating Temptation” by Randi Perrin

When Char endures a nasty break-up, she pulls into her shell and avoids nearly all human contact.
Sick of the moping, her best friend drags her along to the grand opening of a new wine bar. Char's attempts at blending into the woodwork fail when the lone cowboy in the room zeroes in on her—and won't take no for an answer. 

Char learns that looks can be deceiving, because Darryl is way more than what he seems, and she can't get enough of him. Can he save her from herself or is she destined to live in the shadow of her failures for good?

Coming July 11th to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and Lulu.


“Beast Within (Book 3 of the Loup-Garou Series)” by Sheritta Bitikofer

Becoming a loup-garou—a werewolf—is never easy. It’s especially hard if you’re still in high school, the first female to survive the transformation, and the embodiment of an ancient prophecy, expected to bring peace to warring factions. But Katey McCoy, even more stubborn and rebellious than she was as a human, has the comfort and support of her pack. Or so she thought, until she discovers they’ve been keeping secrets from her. At least she still has her mate, Logan Keith on her side. But Logan is fighting demons of his own. If he can’t learn to control the wolf within, how can he ever be a worthy alpha and mate to Katey? Then the hunters come, assassins determined to exterminate the loup-garou. Her pack insists Katey stay hidden. Safe. But that’s not in her nature. Isn’t this what she was born for? To protect and aid the loups-garous? On the run and in a battle for their lives, Katey’s new world begins to crumble around her. With werewolves, vampires, and human hunters at war, and Logan distracted by his own battles, how can Katey activate her full potential and fulfill her ancient destiny? 

Their world—and the lives of those they love—depend on them. If Katey and Logan are to withstand this final onslaught, they must each embrace their true powers and learn to control the beast within. If they can’t, no one may survive.

Coming July 15th to Amazon, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited.


“The Scars Between Us” by Entangled

Emma Cooper is determined to fulfill her mother’s dying wish to scatter her ashes with Aiden Sheffield in Linx, Texas. Just one problem. Why Texas and who the hell is Aiden Sheffield? The only clue is a faded piece of her mother’s stationary. Emma imagines Aiden is a former love of her mother’s, but when she meets the beautiful, damaged stranger, she realizes her assumptions couldn’t be more wrong. He’s hot and young. And Emma is as confused as ever. 

Aiden Sheffield would rather go to hell than Linx. Who does Emma think she is disrupting his carefully built life? The last thing the Marine needs is to slice open the sealed wounds of his painful past. Yet, as he gets to know the lovely Emma, a woman who manages to smile even though she’s lost everything, he changes his mind. He will not let her go to hell alone. 

But neither is prepared for the devastating evil waiting for them at the end of the road. It might just destroy them.


“The Bull Riding Witch” by Jamie Marchant

Waking up in a man’s body would ruin any princess’s morning. 

Daulphina’s father, the king of Asteria, has always wanted a male heir. Unfortunately for him, Daulphina’s magic means that will never happen unless her bastard half-brother displaces her on the throne. But she’ll take on all the gods herself before she lets that happen. He isn’t nice enough to be a good king. 

But apparently, the gods don’t like being challenged because she’s flung across the void and into the dumpy old trailer and chiselled body of Joshua Killenyen, a rodeo bull rider from Alabama. With nothing to eat but Frosted Flakes and no knowledge how she got there, she better find a way home before she gets her head stomped in by the bulls she must ride. Or her brother will take the throne and reduce her people to slavery. Remember, he isn’t nice.

Coming July 17th to Amazon.


“WAR: the 6th instalment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries” by Deidra D. S. Green

Thunderous applause and cheers rose up from the dense crowd, enough to drown out the snipers silenced rifle. The first scream was heard as a loud cheer, as was the second and the third and the fourth. The sniper lined them up and mowed them down without anyone being the wiser, well, until the bodies began dropping. And even then, the realization that they were under attack eluded the fair goers. It would be a while before full-fledged panic set in. By that time, she would have done what she came to do. Lining the next target up in the scope of her long range “Twilight” sniper rifle, she blinked once, leveled her breathing, and when she opened her eyes, Dalia pulled the trigger again. They were still none the wiser. They were too busy celebrating…

Coming July 18th to Amazon.


“The Mirror” by Karla Brandenburg

Can Sandra tempt fate without losing her heart? 

Sandra Meyer has spent her entire adult life caring for her invalid mother but now ten years of surgeries and physical therapy appointments are completed. Sandra’s plotting a life of her own and planning her escape from small-town life, and not a moment too soon. Her violent ex-boyfriend Nick is home from the Army and looking to finish what he started with her. 

She’s a flight risk. 

A past altercation makes brawny Garth Benson the one person Nick won’t want to cross. Garth has been in love with Sandra since the last time he had to flex his muscles with Nick—ten years ago—but Sandra doesn’t want to date a man with his feet firmly planted in their hometown. Garth agrees to pose as Sandra’s boyfriend to shield her, even if it’s make believe, in hopes that their casual flirtations might grow into something more. 

Ghostly interference from Sandra’s deceased father exposes long held secrets that change her life. When the last tie holding her to Edgarville is cut, Sandra has to choose between leaving all the bad memories behind or staying with her best friend. 

Coming July 18th to all the usual places - for links, visit


“Securing Kiera's Love” by PJ Fiala

Can love be renewed after a thirty-year separation? 

David Haggerty longed for many years for his lost love, Kiera. Now in his fifties he believes it will never happen. He’s been married and divorced and now finds solace in his security business. 

Kiera loved David with all her heart, but life took over. She was the only one who could save her father’s life. But, to do that, she had to leave David. Battered and broken, Kiera sees David again after more than thirty years. Will he forgive her? Can he?

Coming July 20th to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, and Goodreads.


“Jacked Off” by Cory Cyr

Young doctor in African Jungle (Jackson) comes home to be with his terminal father. Older Woman (Remmy) is now the CEO of his father's Medical Foundation. Urban/Romantic/Comedy

Coming July 21st to Amazon exclusively or my website.


“Mine to Break” by Joely Sue Burkhart

The Mistress of Dallas doesn’t date vanilla men. Mal doesn’t need to—not with all the submissives she meets at the club she sponsors or her job as Executive Producer of the most risque adult television station in Texas. But then she meets Detective Colby Wade and decides to make an exception. As a former soldier now working the narcotics task force, Colby is lean, tough, and cocky. Certainly not a submissive bone in his body. But her Mistress instincts insist that there’s more to Detective Wade beneath the surface. A silent challenge that she can’t refuse. 

It’ll be a fun night. Have a few drinks and a nice dinner. See if she can make the confident man blush or sweat a little. She’ll enjoy him while it lasts, but she fully expects him to walk away after a little taste of what a powerful, dominant woman expects in her bed. If he’s even brave enough to make it that far. 

Colby’s never met a battle that he couldn’t face with the supreme confidence of a combat Marine. After two tours in Afghanistan and years working the streets as a cop until he made detective, he’s feeling… ragged. On edge. And yeah, desperate. So far, he’s managed to hold his shit together well enough that he hopes his partner doesn’t know how close he is to exploding. He needs an outlet, a safe way to release the pent-up emotions that he keeps buried. It’s bad enough that he’s actually considered re-enlisting. 

He needs a new battle, but he doesn’t want to bring a war to the streets of Dallas. 

Instead, maybe he’ll bring that war to the Mistress of Dallas’s bed.

Coming July 25th to all sites, available for pre-order only at Amazon currently. 


“Guardian of Destiny” by Bethany Strobel

Running from the evil that has chased her since childhood, her powers teetering out of control and threatening to expose her, half- immortal Kenzie fears this may be the one time she doesn't succeed...

Running from the frivolous exploits of the Fae Queen, sexy Guardian Colin, takes on an easy assignment to get away from the Fae court and his ex. He expects to fetch a troubled teenage brat not the strong independent woman he encounters, who has the power to infuriate him and heat his blood at the same time... 

Things really heat up as they realize while they were running from danger they ran straight into each other's arms. Neither of them expect to find themselves in each other's steamy embrace, or the unshakable bond that follows as they decide not to run anymore and take a stand to defeat the soul stealing Shade who threatens both the Fae and Human realms. 

Follow Colin and Kenzie on their magical journey through the realms as he helps her face her Destiny and promises to be her Guardian for all time...

Coming July 28th to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Createspace, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc.


“Virtue and Honor” by Randi Perrin

Angela Waters juggles two high-stress jobs: nurse and earthbound angel. On a rare girls’ night out, she intervenes and saves the life of Mason Kearney, a stripper with southern charm and a secret. It’s a move that will force her to contemplate why in all the heavens she puts up with the injustice of being an angel, which leads to a bombshell that challenges everything she’s ever known.

In the midst of falling for the Alabama boy, she’s in for the fight of her life when a demon, hell-bent on taking her wings, shows up at the most inopportune times. 

With a family of angels rallying behind her, she’s sent on a mission to learn everything about them, herself, and evil, to save all the earthbounds from an untimely demise. 

Can Angela survive with her heart and her wings intact? 

Coming July 29th to Amazon and other retailers.