Friday, July 28, 2017

Flow Friday

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"A Praying Mother" by Danielle Bigsby

I pray they take this pain away,
 But they can't.
They took a piece of my heart,
They took it away from me,
And things will never be the same.

I pray these tears stop,
But they can't.
Because the cause of my tears was one of my worst fears,
The fear of losing the only thing that truly loved me.

I pray for peace, But how can my mind ever really be at ease?
When it can never release the anger,
Or relinquish the torment that it was put through when that fatal bullet pierced you.

I pray for patience,
Patience to hold me until I'm granted answers,
Patience to guide me until I can understand why they had to take you,
Patience to endure this pain that I have to endure life long,
Because no part of me can be complete,
Because the one part of me that was complete,
Now no longer beats,
And my heart is forced to beat a lonely beat.

A mother prays,
That she never has to face these days,
But in this unrelenting craze,
Gun violence has taken so many of our babies away,
And I just pray, 
That God somehow helps me to endure another day.

Dedicated to: All the mothers who have had to bury their child due to senseless gun violence

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