Saturday, July 15, 2017

Flow Friday

For those of you that know me, or even know of me, you will know that I love poetry. 20 years ago, my literary career began with writing poetry and it will end with writing poetry. So far, I've written three poetry books and two children's poetry books. I've also written and endless amount of poems that have yet to be published. However, more than anything, I love reading another's words and seeing what it is that I can take away from them. I have a secret lust for well written word play and an addiction to the way words can make me feel.

To show just how much I love poetry, I have decided to do a "Flow Friday" in my blog. Every Friday, I will showcase one or two other poet's work. I've always been one to share another poet's work; it's what I did in my first two books. If this is something that you are interested in participating in, please click on this link and fill out the form. Poems will be posted in no particular order so be sure to keep an eye out for yours!😉

To kick off "Flow Friday", I'm going to share one of the longest poems that ever I've written. I hope you enjoy the read. Have a great night and I'll see you next Friday for more poetry from talented poets!


“Obsessed” by La Kata E.K.

From afar, you stand there watching her,
Since that’s all that you can do,
No longer allowed to be near her,
Poor guy… She’s pulled away from you…
An acquaintance you were in the beginning,
But over time a friendship grew,
While you developed a love for her,
It wasn’t the same from her point of view…
All she wanted from you was friendship,
Her husband’s name, on her arm, a tattoo,
A couple of messages might’ve gone too far,
But to her husband, she always stayed true…
Somewhere, however, lines became crossed,
And your feelings for her turned into,
Something that was no longer a comfort,
But that of a friendship’s taboo…
For awhile, you kept your feelings hidden,
To show her, you didn’t think fair,
It was if you were playing a game with your heart,
Kind of a lonely man’s truth or dare…
You were available when she needed a shoulder,
A hand to hold, it was yours that was there,
The more she needed you, the closer she came,
To finding out feelings that you just couldn’t share.
Over time your love for her turned into obsession,
You two were soul mates, on that you would swear,
But none was the wiser, especially her,
That around you, was a dangerous air…
You began feeling like she should’ve been with you,
The fact that she had a husband, you just didn’t care,
You felt that the two of you had a connection,
One that she, with her husband, just couldn‘t compare…
There were moments that you tried to distance yourself,
A complicated choice, but she even agreed,
But those moments seemed like they dragged on forever,
And for her, you always felt this need…
You never could handle her absence too well,
To come back, sometimes you would beg her and plead,
As these moments continued to drag on forever,
Between the lines, is where she started to read…
A beautiful flower was what she assumed she created,
From the friendship that started off as a seed,
Over time she began to realize that her beautiful plant,
Was nothing more than your average weed…
The pain from the reality that she was starting to see,
Was enough to make her heart want to crumble and bleed,
But what hurt even more, was the girl’s permanent decision,
That into the background, was where she would recede…
No one was the wiser, not even the guy,
When he found out that their friendship was through,
But she had to remain honest within herself,
And to her husband, faithful and true…
She never really felt like the need for explanation,
Because her heart was already heavy and blue,
And why go through the pain of saying goodbyes,
When you can bid a phantom adieu…
Out of all of the people that she considered her friends,
He was special because he was one of the few,
Over time she developed a special love for him,
That continued growing as the friendship grew.
I guess what I’m trying to say by telling this story,
Is how no one was the wiser or would’ve had a clue,
That while you were becoming obsessed with her,
All along, she was obsessed with you…

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