Thursday, July 6, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 7/6

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author Camilla Stevens! 


Name: Camilla Stevens

How long have you been published? Since June 2016.

What's the worst part about being published? Putting yourself out there is very hard. You are completely vulnerable and exposed. I don’t knock negative reviews (and sometimes find them very helpful), because people are entitled to their opinions, but they still sting, more than I care to admit.

What's the best part about being published? The fact that even one person out there in the world is reading my work. It still amazes me, especially when I get positive feedback.

Are you self-published or did you go through a publishing company?
Self-published. This started as a hobby born from love of writing. I never even bothered trying a publishing company because I still want this to be fun for me and I think bureaucracy would kill that part of it.

*What are the highs, if any? Doing what I want, when I want. So there! ha ha.

*What are the lows, if any? Having do all the work myself, even if it’s finding the right people to do the work for me.

What is the name of your book(s)?
One Night, Mr. Wright & Mr. Wrong, Mr. & Mrs. Wright, Sweet Seduction, So Wrong, Slugger Fever (Publishing summer 2017)

Was it/were they an easy write for you? Yes and no. I have NO trouble coming up with stories. I’m a panster, which means the stories just flow from me without an outline. Unfortunately my brain works faster than my hands and by the time I reach the 70% mark or so I’m itching to move on to the next story in my head. Don’t even get me started on the editing and read-throughs!

I also have fun with my work. I love humor and try to incorporate it in my books. It really makes it easy when you’re laughing along while you write…or better yet, catching those feels. Then I know I’ve done a good job.

What's the hardest part about writing a book?
Self doubt. I read a lot so there’s a constant struggle of comparison, even with authors outside of the genre! There are those that humble you with their brilliance in the written word. Then there are those that humble you with their massive following. It can all drive you crazy.

I just hold on to the that saying: Comparison is the thief of joy.

What's the easiest part about writing a book? The modern era! I won’t plug the services I use but thank goodness for everything out there that makes publishing a book as easy as typing and hitting send. I love that I’m able to share my work with the world this easily!

Where can interested readers purchase their copy of your book(s)? Right now I’m strictly on Amazon Kindle: purchase or Unlimited. I plan on publishing everything in paperback as well by the end of the year.

Do you have any future projects in the works? Right now I’m working on a series of Stand Alone books about Texas Men (because they’re awesome!), (tentatively) called the Texas Troublemaker Books.

After that it will be a series of Stand Alone books about International Men (because they’re awesome!), called the International Lovers Books.

See what I mean about no problems coming up with stories? Lol.

*Is there a tentative release date? I’m setting up a schedule to publish every two months. A lot of the books above are works in progress that have been set aside to return to. Each of the series will have at least three books.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers?
Twitter (I’m very casual there), Facebook Author Page, and my website.


Join me next week as I bring you more authors!


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