Thursday, August 7, 2014

Time To Get Out The Scissors...

Because I'm finally cutting these ropes...

Lately, I have found myself so ridiculously stressed out. It honestly makes NO sense whatsoever that anyone should be this stressed out for practically NO reason.


As I have come to do in all stressful situations, I'm cutting out what stresses me. My well-being, is at stake. I cannot allow for my mental, physical, or emotional health to falter, especially with what I have planned. I need all of my strength so that my dream(s) will come to fruition.

There must be something on the horizon for me because these roadblocks that are popping up in my path are coming from out of nowhere. They seem to be coming from out of nowhere anyway. Then again, maybe these moments are reminders that I stand alone in the world. Surrounded by many but completely alone.

I don't know, but before I allow stress to render me helpless, I'm going to do everything in my power to live a stress free life.

Someone pass me the scissors, please?

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