Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Uncharted Waters

Lately my poetry has been taking me to places that I have never been before. But then again, that could be the result of my life experiences also taking me to places that I have never been before.

So much, and yet so little, has happened to me in the past five months that if I were to write about it, I would write forever. That isn't a bad thing either when I actually think about it. It's just that, I'm not ready for that side of me to be exposed just yet. The completely vulnerable and afraid side. The one where uncertainty reigns supreme and worry is my regular bedmate. The one where stess is worn like clothing and tears flow like a never ending river. No, I'm not ready for that side to show too much, just yet.

I have a feeling that my writing is going to take me on a journey; one that I so long to go on. One that I sometimes eat, sleep, and dream to go on and I cannot wait! The feedback for my work has been amazing and unexpected at the same time! It's absolutely exciting and I welcome it with open arms! Already, I've inspired two other people to write books of their own! I mean to know that I have actually been that kind of inspiration in a person's life is beyond what words can describe! I just know that I have been absolutely blessed! As this path in my life continues on, I have prepared myself to expect the unexpected and to know that God will make even the most impossible dreams, possible...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dreams Taste Like Rainbows

Dreams taste like rainbows and rainbows taste like heaven... Totally random, I know... But I've been feeling that way lately...

On Tuesday morning, I published my SECOND POETRY BOOK..! AHHH!!! I am sooo excited about it, but with that excitement comes that nervousness that I get when the thought of someone reading my private thoughts and personal feelings comes to mind... I don't know how the book will be received and I would be lying if I said that I didn't care, because I do... I want people to understand me, relate to me, grow from me... I don't want them thinking that I was crazy or even full of it... Hehe, yeah...

It's pretty awesome though that this book had more guest authors than the first one... In the first one, I had 4 but in this one I had 12..! Their poems took my book from 80 pages to 134 pages, so I thought that that was pretty cool..! I am blessed to know each one of them personally and honored that they allowed me to showcase their work (For some AGAIN)..! Each one of them are truly talented writers..!

Since publishing the book, "A Deeper Me" by the way, I've felt a void in my soul... But that could be because the very thing I looonged to do for the last 5 years, is complete... It's a good thing I suppose; allows more room and time for something else to be done... I just don't know... Like I'm happy but I feel sort of blank about it... I want to say the reality has set in that I am a published author of multiple projects, but it's as if I haven't really grasped it yet... Definitely hadn't accepted the fact that I was a published author when I had ONE book, so how will I accept it now that I have THREE.?!

I thank God for everything though... He was my source strength... He gave me the ability to articulate my thoughts into words... Allowed my words to form the sentences that were the verses to my poems... Without God, I don't know if I would've been able to be the writer that I have become today...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chocolate With That Snafu

The first week of March practically brought tears to my eyes. I accidentally busted my laptop screen and ALL of my updated poems were on it! Normally, I back up my work, but I didn't this time. Mainly because I was procrastinating. I guess that's what I get really, for being careless when I should've been being careful. So the book had to take a backseat until there was further notice.

In comes the further notice! I lucked out, more or less was blessed, that I had uploaded ALL of my files online to a website that I was going through for my second book! Again, I was practically brought to tears; tears of happiness of course! So I've been steadily working on my second book ever since. No it might not have the release date that I originally wanted, but there will be a release all the same. I'm hoping sometime in the fall or winter, but I might luck out and have it ready by the summer! Who knows. I do know, that I'm definitely praying about it.

Also, I recently published my FIRST Children's Book and A calendar! Because I couldn't fit my quotes onto my calendar AND have the format that I wanted, I decided to allow the pictures to be the inspiration. I also, just finished proofreading a friend's FIRST official book and it was REALLY GOOD..! I would definitely read "Red Sun" again..! Then next week, I am going to be a guest speaker at a banquet because of my first book. Kinda of like a motivational speaker of sorts and even thought I am extremely nervous, I am even more excited..!

Anyway, to keep it simple, I am truly blessed....

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm totally screaming on the inside right now... Well not exactly right now or ever for that matter, but I have been wanting to lately... The summer seems to be fastly approaching, which is when I want to release my second book... With constant work, I can have that goal met... However, I'm freaking out a little on the inside because I am soo excited..! Nervous of course, because well, they are more of my private thoughts... Thoughts that I probably should keep private... Excited because I can't wait for people to read how much I've grown as a writer..!

As it stands right now, I have so many thoughts going through my head lately that if I started to write, I'm sure I would have plenty of poems... But I don't want to... More or less, not ready to anyway... One day I will be ready... I just don't know if those thoughts will make it to this book...