Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chocolate With That Snafu

The first week of March practically brought tears to my eyes. I accidentally busted my laptop screen and ALL of my updated poems were on it! Normally, I back up my work, but I didn't this time. Mainly because I was procrastinating. I guess that's what I get really, for being careless when I should've been being careful. So the book had to take a backseat until there was further notice.

In comes the further notice! I lucked out, more or less was blessed, that I had uploaded ALL of my files online to a website that I was going through for my second book! Again, I was practically brought to tears; tears of happiness of course! So I've been steadily working on my second book ever since. No it might not have the release date that I originally wanted, but there will be a release all the same. I'm hoping sometime in the fall or winter, but I might luck out and have it ready by the summer! Who knows. I do know, that I'm definitely praying about it.

Also, I recently published my FIRST Children's Book and A calendar! Because I couldn't fit my quotes onto my calendar AND have the format that I wanted, I decided to allow the pictures to be the inspiration. I also, just finished proofreading a friend's FIRST official book and it was REALLY GOOD..! I would definitely read "Red Sun" again..! Then next week, I am going to be a guest speaker at a banquet because of my first book. Kinda of like a motivational speaker of sorts and even thought I am extremely nervous, I am even more excited..!

Anyway, to keep it simple, I am truly blessed....

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