Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm totally screaming on the inside right now... Well not exactly right now or ever for that matter, but I have been wanting to lately... The summer seems to be fastly approaching, which is when I want to release my second book... With constant work, I can have that goal met... However, I'm freaking out a little on the inside because I am soo excited..! Nervous of course, because well, they are more of my private thoughts... Thoughts that I probably should keep private... Excited because I can't wait for people to read how much I've grown as a writer..!

As it stands right now, I have so many thoughts going through my head lately that if I started to write, I'm sure I would have plenty of poems... But I don't want to... More or less, not ready to anyway... One day I will be ready... I just don't know if those thoughts will make it to this book...

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