Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Uncharted Waters

Lately my poetry has been taking me to places that I have never been before. But then again, that could be the result of my life experiences also taking me to places that I have never been before.

So much, and yet so little, has happened to me in the past five months that if I were to write about it, I would write forever. That isn't a bad thing either when I actually think about it. It's just that, I'm not ready for that side of me to be exposed just yet. The completely vulnerable and afraid side. The one where uncertainty reigns supreme and worry is my regular bedmate. The one where stess is worn like clothing and tears flow like a never ending river. No, I'm not ready for that side to show too much, just yet.

I have a feeling that my writing is going to take me on a journey; one that I so long to go on. One that I sometimes eat, sleep, and dream to go on and I cannot wait! The feedback for my work has been amazing and unexpected at the same time! It's absolutely exciting and I welcome it with open arms! Already, I've inspired two other people to write books of their own! I mean to know that I have actually been that kind of inspiration in a person's life is beyond what words can describe! I just know that I have been absolutely blessed! As this path in my life continues on, I have prepared myself to expect the unexpected and to know that God will make even the most impossible dreams, possible...

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