Thursday, February 9, 2017

Authors in the Spotlight 2/9

In today's Authors in the Spotlight, we have author T.D. Edwards!

Name: T.D. Edwards

How long have you been published? I’ve been published for almost eight years now. I published my first novel in the fall of 2009.

What is the worst part about being published? For me, the worst part about being published is that I second-guess myself a lot. After publishing a project, I always tend to get cold-feet and wonder if it is good enough. My confidence has grown over the years though, particularly since my writing has improved tremendously since the first novel I published.

What is the best part about being published? The best part about being published has to be the overall feeling of accomplishment. I love the moment when I am able to hold a physical copy of my book in my hands. It makes me feel that all of my hard work has paid off.

Are you self-published, or did you go through a publishing company? What are the highs, if any? What are the lows, if any? I am self-published for the most part. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to ghostwrite a novel for a publishing company. 
The high of self-publishing is definitely maintaining control over every aspect of my book. I like setting my own deadlines, writing precisely the story I want to tell, choosing when to release my book, and deciding what the cover should look like. The low, however, is not having the means to advertise to the extent a publishing company can. The publishing industry is very convoluted, so it can be difficult to get your work to stand out.
While the novel I ghostwrote for a fledgling publishing company isn’t exactly the same as being traditionally published, there were some similarities. I enjoyed only having to focus on writing the story and allowing them to take care of the rest. However, I would have like to have more input on the final product, for there were some things I wished were done differently.

What is the name of your book(s)? My latest novel is called Lunacy’s Core.

Was it/they easy for you to write? I wish it had been easy to write! The Lunacy series has been an ongoing project for me for over 10 years! I’ve written lots of stories and books in-between, yet I always came back to it, changing and rewriting it numerous times. I’ve lost count of how many evolutions the storyline has gone through. It wasn’t until about two to three years ago that I finally found the precise direction I wanted for the story, and decided to make it a trilogy. I think it was worth it in the end though, because I’m finally happy with the ending result.

What’s the hardest part about writing a book? Finishing the first draft is the hardest for me. Once I’ve simply gotten a complete draft of the story written, everything else falls into place.

What is the easiest part about writing a book? I don’t think there is an easiest part. It’s a lot of work the whole way through. The phase I enjoy most though, is editing. That’s where I can take what I’ve written it and polish it into something impressive.

Where can interested readers purchase a copy of your book? Lunacy’s Core is available on Amazon, Kindle, and

Do you have any future projects in the works? Is there a tentative release date? The sequel to Lunacy’s Core, which is called Lunacy Shared, is in the works right now. There is no release date yet, but it will be out sometime this year, and I plan to do GoodReads giveaways for both books.

Do you have any social media sites that you would like to share with my readers? Yes! Your readers can Like T.D. Edwards on Facebook. I also welcome readers to connect with me on GoodReads. And my website


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