Monday, March 31, 2014

On The Eve Of My Thirties...

I reflect on all that my Twenties has taught me. Both good and bad, lessons were laid upon me like a hailstorm...

March has been a long month for me. One that's been full of reflecting and soul searching. So many moments I fell into "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" thinking; became angry at myself for paths I didn't take when given the opportunity. On more than one occasion, I found myself reminding myself that I am who I've become BECAUSE of the paths that I've taken, the choices that I've made. My faith became my savior the moment I realized that the devil was trying to make me his servant. Though, I cannot truly put into words the mental and emotional trip I've been on, I thank God for pulling me through it...

And so with that said, I share with you some of my lessons...

·Your faith will ALWAYS get you through
·You can't trust everyone
·People are never who you believe them to be
·No matter how selfless you are, there's always someone that's selfish
·Never put your goals and dreams on hold for anyone
·Family will do you wrong in the WORST way
·Lifelong friendships means nothing if one of you are insecure
·People only want to know your business so that they can repeat it
·Be VERY selective with whom you loan money to
·Sometimes the "drama" that we find ourselves involved in was something that we brought upon ourselves
·Accountability is important
·Never jeopardize years of stability for a temporary curiosity
·Parenting makes your outlook on life change and matures you faster than anything else
·Life is full of hardships but the hardships make you stronger
·Everyone is battling some type of demons
·It doesn't make you selfish to sometimes put yourself first
·Men and woman CAN strictly be friends
·Every man and woman should have at least one friend of the opposite sex
·When boundaries are set, enforce them
·A healthy relationship requires growth
·Lack of communication can destroy even the strongest of relationships
·Never change completely, someone thinks you're perfect the way you are
·Opinions really are like buttholes
·Dreams and goals only have the limitations that you set on them
·Remain humble in all that you do
·Listen when God whispers because you don't want him to yell
·Material possessions do not determine the character of a person
·Often, your smallest accomplishments are your biggest ones

There are so many more lessons that I've learned that I could list, but I'm not. Just know that I'm going to go into my Thirties a lot stronger and wiser than I was while in my Twenties...