Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amazed At My Own Ability

As a writer, I oftentimes wonder "Where did THAT come from?!" This thought usually occurs when I'm going back through and reading some of my work... It's as if there is a completely different person writing those words because it's hard to imagine that they are from me... I feel that I sometimes intimidate myself, if that makes any sense at all... Like, those words were written so perfectly, how could I EVER begin to match that?! It's crazy because I can't even imagine myself writing things that have depth and meaning and make complete sense... But I do... I write from the heart... I write from the soul... I write from a place that needs to vent, that needs peace... And I find that a lot of my work is work that people are able to relate to... That in itself makes writing that much more worthwhile to me... It reminds me why I've been blessed with the ability to express myself through my words...

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