Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Abound

Well there is a new year right around the corner, like seriously around the corner... I would love, love, LOVE to write a poem ending 2009 the way i did for 2005... However, I don't think I will... My writing has been back on track since I last blogged, but it's kinda choosey... Sometimes there are subjects that it will let me write about and sometimes, there are not... But I can't wait until next year because it just seems like it's going to be exciting!!! It just feels like there is going to be soooo much that I can write about, that it's going to seem almost crazy!!! I would love to share some of my unpublished work on here so that people can get an idea as to what goes through my mind, but that's just not going to work... Mainly because there are some rather shady, shysty, and untrustworthy people out there... Some thieves and I kinda like maintaining the rights over my own work... Like that fact that when people read my work, they know it's mine... Like not being accused of ripping off another's words... But anyway, I still have quite a few projects in the making and I can't wait until there aren't any projects to work on at all...

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