Sunday, June 1, 2014

Faith Is Like A Magic Carpet...

That lies dormant until stepped upon...

There have been many times throughout my adult years that I have relied solely on Faith and Faith alone. Never once was I ever let down. I understand that there are some people who are skeptical of God and the unknown; understandably so. For some, their belief relies solely on Science and for others, our belief relies solely on Faith. It is the way of the world, the way of life, the way of existence. 

Anyway, back to what I originally began to say.

Oftentimes, I have made some pretty questionable moves [to some] in life all on the sole premise of "a sign" that I was given. To a few, it sounds and seems farfetched but to those that believe as well, it makes complete sense. When I pray about a dilemma in my life, I usually receive a sign. Sometimes, I get a rainbow at that perfect moment (my favorite sign of all) letting me know that I am making the right decisions and sometimes I have something borderline disastrous happen that lets me know that that is not a move I need or want to make. It just all depends on what it is that I pray about and how much attention I am paying to ensure that I receive my sign. 

I have countless times that I remember when there was something plaguing me and the sign I received as an answer. I generally don't ask for signs when making minor moves or changes, just guidance. Hmm, I guess sometimes I receive a sign for those moments too. It's when I have something seriously major going on and I haven't the slightest idea which direct to turn, that I pray. Thinking about it now, I never ever really ask for a sign, I only ask for guidance in all situations; the sign is given to me as a form of direction.

It's amazing what happens when you "Listen To God". My friend, Nakia, and I once had a discussion about signs. It was around the time that I decided to leave my job and I was telling her everything that was going on and why I had faith that leaving was the right decision. I was telling her that I knew that God was trying to get my attention and if I didn't fully give it to him, he would find other ways to get it. She then told me, "Listen when God whispers, because you don't want him to yell." That one simple statement made so much sense to me because for years, that's how my life seemed. Every time God tried to subtly get my attention, I would ignore Him; it was when something major happened, that I was all eyes and ears. That to me, showed my immaturity because only a child continues to disobey when they are told to do something. 

Anyway, I jumped again. Back to what I was saying. It's amazing what happens when you "Listen To God". When I listen to God and step out on Faith, everything else in my life seems to fall into place perfectly. It's as if magic, or dare I say miracles, begin to happen. Things that I couldn't have planned better begin to take form. Even when the road gets a little bumpy, I know that God is watching over me and that I'm just passing through a storm. One that will prove my strength and my Faith in the end. 

I can't explain it, but Faith has carried me through many a moments when I know I couldn't have carried myself...

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