Monday, September 10, 2012

Time Waits For No One...

That's why I don't wear a watch.

I've experienced quite the ride these last six months, but I must say that the ride is finally over and I'm grateful. I'm grateful because I've learned a lot about myself and those around me. I've learned the key to being truly humble, not just in my work, but within my life. And I've learned patience. True patience. Thank God I took with me lessons to life, because something tells me that if I hadn't, I would still be wallowing in that gutter called "misery".

With everything in my life falling back into place, getting back on track, I am pleased to say that my writing will be following suit. Nothing has suffered more than my writing. I've written here and there in the last some odd months, but not like I should've. My pen deserves better and better is what it's about to receive.

I am too excited about my upcoming projects! I've been focusing a lot lately on collaborations because there is a book that I want to release, one that's been on my mind for YEARS now. I love writing with other writers. I love seeing where their mind is at, where it's going. Most of all though, I love the challenge of having to match their rhythm, their style, their wordplay, their thoughts, and even their words. If I could, I would focus solely on collaborations....

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