Friday, February 20, 2015

Life Is Expected...

While death is not...

For some reason, we all expect to live. We expect longevity in our mortal years but in all actuality, we really should expect to die. Death is inevitable. It's actually more guaranteed than living is.

People always say to love those while you still can because you never know when they might leave, but I don't know about that anymore.

I love very few and for all others, I began a long time ago adjusting my emotional ties to them as if they were going to go at any moment. Does that mean that I'm nicer to these people? No. It means that I'm emotionally cut off from them. Why love you like you might go at any minute while you treat me as if I were already gone?

Ultimately, it's a defense mechanism. Though lonely in some aspects, the peace of mind that has come with it has been rewarding.

Not that long ago, I began severing familial ties and only recently did I finish the job. If someone were to ask me now compared to a few years ago about the size of my blood family, I would tell them that it's very small. Even though I have no intention to go into the details of the matter, know that it's for the best.

Life deals us some pretty unexpected blows and while living is expected, we have all been taught at one point or another to expect the unexpected.

Reconciliation of long buried relationships would be the unexpected for me...

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