Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And With The Good...

There comes the bad.

The last couple of months I have found myself floating on Cloud 9 in a sense. I have been making strides in what I feel is the right direction on the path that I have wanted to travel for so long; God has blessed me with the means to do so. But naturally, if something is too good to be true than A. it either is or B. the devil is just laying in wait to try and destroy it.

I try not to get TOO personal with my posts because I just feel that some things should be kept to oneself, but there are moments when a little exposure is okay. I mean, how else can another person relate if they haven't the slightest idea as to what it is that I am talking about, right?

I feel that my "too good to be true" is trying to be destroyed by the devil because every other attempt that he has thrown at me has failed. My faith has stayed steadfast and true the entire time and I'm sure that's not exactly a positive note when dealing with the devil. Not only that, but I have been rather happy in my life lately and I'm thankful for it. I've been making changes in my life that have only enhanced my way of living, brightened my outlook on life, and caused me to be more excited about the possibilities of the future. What better way to tear me down than to try and detroy all of that?

Last week was a seriously rough week for me. Anything that could go wrong, did! I found it like a battle within myself to try and remain sane throughout it all but the moment I realized that I couldn't handle the load any longer on my own, I began to pray...About EVERYTHING... Slowly but surely, everything began to mellow out and I felt the weight on my shoulders beginning to lift. (Sigh) I have to keep in mind that because I believe in a Higher Power, that everything that goes on in my life is out of my control. That anytime the bad seems to outweigh the good, all I have to do is pray for patience and strength and I will INSTANTLY receive it. I can't explain it, but it's just a calm that comes over me and I feel that I'm no longer stressed out or even drowning under the weight of the stress. I also have to remember that when the good outweighs the bad, I have to be thankful; throughout everything I have to remember to ALWAYS remain humble. I don't know, but it makes sense to me.

I've been working so much lately, that I hardly have time to focus on the things that make me happiest. The things that make me, ME. I'm so constantly busy that I no longer have time for anything anymore, but even less time for myself and I believe that if I start focusing on myself again, life will flow much better. Hobbies are being abandoned and goals are being left to stagnate, I'm becoming disconnected from my family and a stranger to my friends... All of those issues are not like me at all. Again, that's nothing but the devil trying to knock me off of my feet, trying to cause me to lose focus of the bigger picture. And so, I will continue to pray because one day everything will be back to normal but until then, as I stated earlier, with the good...

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