Wednesday, July 1, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

So I am posting this like a week late, but I wanted to post it all the same... I really in my heart of hearts would like to write a poetic tribute to Mr. jackson but right now I cannot find the words... It's crazy how life can be sometimes, but that's the way the God meant for it to be... If we all knew what was to happen next, then many people (if not all of us) would try to thwart God's plans... Michael was an icon to many, as well as in inspiration... His musical talents broke barriers, exceeded expectations, brought cultures together, and sooo much more... Hands down, he was amazing!! But for me, Michael was the background music to my childhood... His music reminds me of the many good times that I had as a kid... When life seemed great and the opportunities endless... His music had multiple meanings for me, on deeper levels than what was on the surface... Hearing his music enables me to look back and smile on the multiple good times that sooo many children miss out on... On the good times that even he, himself, may have missed out on... That effect on me alone is why I want to find the words to dedicate a poem to him... I'm sure it will be one of plenty, but to me it will feel like one of only one...

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