Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome To The Unveiling Of...

My upcoming book...

If you're reading this, I want to thank you in advance for your interest in my upcoming book; it's due to be released at the beginning of 2017.  Though, this will be the sixth book to my literary catalog, it will be my first story. As nervous as I am about sharing this, I am extremely excited about it as well! So, sit back and relax as I give you an excerpt from "Secrets".


As I continued to run, my legs began to ache. The slow burning feeling crept along my calves, up my thighs, and to my groin. But I couldn’t stop running. I knew that if I slowed down for even a second they would catch up with me.

Day had quickly turned to night and night was only getting darker with each passing minute. They weren’t my only fear at the moment, the ever encompassing dark was, too. I hadn’t the slightest idea as to where I was at and because I couldn’t see my surroundings, I found myself continuously battling off hysteria each time my foot hit the ground.

My heart beat heavy in my chest and I felt that it was going to explode. My lungs began to feel as if they were burning and I wanted to stop and catch my breath. With the air being thick and muggy, it made breathing damn near impossible. I needed to stop, but I couldn’t just yet.

 The blood was pumping so fast throughout my body that I could hear the rhythmic noise in my ears. It seemed so loud. Everything seemed so loud. The crickets chirping, the sound of the soil crunching beneath my feet, the way the tall grass “whooshed” as my legs flew through it; it was as if every noise was magnified except the one that I was desperately trying to listen for.

The darkness of night made it impossible to see within inches in front of my face. Multiple times, I stumbled over something hidden within the brush. Once or twice, I found myself grasping wildly in front of me as I lost my balance. On occasion, I felt something questionable graze past me, but I couldn’t stop to investigate; I dared not stop because my life literally depended on it.

As my body began to tire and my legs began to feel sluggish, I contemplated stopping just long enough to catch my breath. I only needed just a couple of moments to get myself together, to maybe collect my thoughts as best I could under the circumstances; but then I heard the noise that I was listening for. The urgent screaming of my name off in the distance caused me to renege on my decision to slow down. Finding some second or third wind that I didn’t know existed within me, I began sprinting frantically into the darkened woods.

            What probably took minutes, felt like it took forever but I eventually saw what looked like low lighting up ahead. A clearing maybe? I wasn’t sure what it was but I could feel my body begin to soar as if my feet had wings. Just a few more…


            And just like that, the light was gone…          

Sunday, October 30, 2016

You Can Call Me A Magician...

Because I know how to disappear...

Clearly, I have pulled quite the vanishing act these last few months and I'm kind of upset about it because I was doing so well with at least posting once a month. I should have known though that I would slip up somewhere when I missed July, I think it was.

Anyway, outside of all of the other things that have kept me busy in the last few months, my novella is the one that I want to talk about the most.

I officially finished in late August, I believe. I sent it out to the few people that I trusted would read it and give me their honest opinion and the feedback was quite amazing. Thankfully, their feedback was honest enough to point out to me that there was a major flaw within the book. Of my three main characters, one was missing a back story. So naturally, I had to go back and fix what it was that was clearly missing and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Actually, it was a lot easier than it was to write the book in the first place!

Ah, the book.

It all began back in 2010 when I was wanting to try something other than writing poetry. Just a little something that I played around with in the beginning; well, for like 5 years anyway. There were 3 other stories that I played around with too, but it wasn't until about January of last year that I decided to take writing this particular story seriously. It took my sister and two family friends holding me accountable during our accountability meetings that took me from page 17 to page 66 in a matter of 4 months. After that, I kind of played around until my mom and a close friend started becoming a pain in my neck about it. Honestly, I appreciate them being the kinds of pains that they were because by December, I was at page 100, I believe.

My original goal was to go to page 120 and at 111, seeing as to how I was almost at the goal, I stopped. I just quit writing the story all together. I think it was because I wasn't ready to end it just yet. This project that I began working on, that I never imagined finishing. To be able to actually stay focused long enough to write an entire story was something that I never saw in my past, present, or future. Then the reality that once I was done, this project would no longer be my focus affected me more than I imagined that it would. So I'm sure that it comes to no surprise to you (but a HUGE one to me) that I'm already working on another book.

Anyway, I'm taking the necessary steps needed to have it ready for its 2017 release. The more steps I take, the more excited I become! So I ask for complete and utter patience when my blog seems to be focused on my book. It's going to be quite the read and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!