Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Book Worth Reading...

Is a book worth promoting...

So much has been going on since my last blog post. For one, I was part of a Cover Reveal, and the experience was absolutely amazing! Since then, I've made quite a few more connections and I have a couple of important dates set of for January. Most importantly, the release of my novella!

I am beyond excited to talk about the fact that "Secrets" is officially done. To the point that I have ARCs set to send out on the 1st! I'm not going to lie to you, I am rather nervous about the feedback. Total strangers are going to be reading my book and giving me their feedback on the day that the book is released, which is January 17th. This is a completely different experience than when I released my poetry books. Like, I'm more open about promoting "Secrets" than any other book I've ever written; it could be that this book is strictly based on my imagination, whereas, my poetry books are based on my emotions.

I've been busting buns in the last few months with this book. Working on getting it finished, cleaning it up, and making sure to market it to the point that it catches a reader's eye. To say that I've mastered everything would be a far fetched lie, but I can say that I have learned quite a bit along the way to better prepare for the release of my second novella. Second novella? Who would've thunk it, lol.

The interest has been overwhelming and the support has been amazing. To say that I find myself left speechless on a regular basis is an understatement. I am so blessed and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

So before I continue rambling on, let me show you one of the marketing tactics that I am currently using to promote "Secrets".


Coming January 17th!!


Emotionally abused and broken, young Mykale wanted a life that left her current situation in the past. Having come from a poverty-stricken household with dreams that expand bigger than the financial reach of what any of the “traditional” jobs were paying, Mykale decided to make her money in a “nontraditional” way. Along with her close friend and confidante, she ventures on a path that only leads to a road that shouldn’t be traveled.

After a traumatic experience causes Mykale to abruptly leave her life behind, she embarks on a journey to start a new life. Thinking she has successfully left her past behind her, she doesn’t think twice about what used to be. It’s not until she is approached at a party that she realizes that no matter how far you run, your past will always catch up with you.

"Secrets" is the breakout novella from Author La Kata E.K.

**Special Note: This book contains violent and graphic content that some readers may find offensive.**

Kindle version now available for pre-order!