Friday, August 11, 2017

Flow Friday

Welcome to Flow Friday! Poetry lovers, kick back and enjoy the read!

By R.W.

Your words weren't supposed to be knives that stuck out of my heart.
Your touch wasn't supposed to make me afraid.
But like water, you went from calm to stormy.
You got cold and froze to the core.
No fire could melt you back to gentle, there was only the flame that burned me.
And I watched you turn into a mountain, watched you stare right through me, made it clear who had the power.
And when you noticed, you didn't hesitate to bury me deep beneath the sand.
You made it impossible to climb my way out of the hole. You let the earth swallow me up, cut off my air,
Watched me turn blue.


ATTACK by Feubrune

I'm sitting alone in a blacked-out room
The big black beast will attack me soon
I'm trembling in fear, it's just a matter of time
Till it will jump at me and eat me alive.

I can sense it, the beast's right there
It looks into my eyes, fills me with despair
It attacks me and I can only cry
I'm too weak to scream, so I guess I'll die.

No it won't let me die, that would be too easy
It wants me to suffer and beg it to kill me
It leaves me there lying in a broken mess
With black blood flowing out my open chest.

I want to scream but my lungs gave out
I want to speak but my mouth's sewn shut
I'm tired of talking just to be deemed insane
So I shut up, smile and play along the game.

Every Friday, I will showcase one or two other poet's work. If this is something that you are interested in participating in, please click on this link and fill out the form. Poems will be posted in no particular order so be sure to keep an eye out for yours!😉

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