Sunday, January 22, 2017

When The Reason For Your Dirve...

Doesn't match someone else's...

I find it rather interesting that when a person has a different opinion about an issue or an opposing view, then their very being comes in to question. I have been noticing this a lot on social media and I can't help but to wonder why that is. Why is it that a difference of opinion means that someone is less than you? Less intelligent, less beautiful, less confident, less financially stable, less talented, less open minded, and the list is endless. Why is that?

What drives me, will not drive you. What inspires me, will not inspire you. What I see as beautiful, you may see as hideous. We are not all supposed to view the world in the same lighting or think of the world in the same regard. We just aren't. Having an opinion allows our individuality to shine; at least to me anyway. I don't want to think like you or anyone else; I don't want to be like everyone else. I enjoy thinking differently, speaking differently, feeling differently. I enjoy everything about me that makes me stand out as an individual. You would think that others would enjoy that about themselves as well.

If ever there was an example for me to reference, it would be the entire political goings on here in the United States. So many have been disrespected and attacked because they chose to exercise their OPINION on a subject that not everyone saw eye to eye on. They shared what drove them to make the political choices that they did and some are being "punished" for doing so. What is the purpose of voicing how you feel if someone is going to attempt to snuff out your very voice?

We don't know what drives another individual to do what they do, say what they say, or anything else. Sadly, some of us don't even know what drives ourselves. The one thing that we SHOULD know is that if another person is driven in this life to do something, especially something positive, then we as decent individuals should encourage them the best way we can and not tear them down as a result of it. It takes a lot to be driven when it's so easy to become distracted, so the fact that anyone is driven in this day and age, we should all be cheering them on. Hell, we should allow their drive to infect us enough to push us in our own drive; to kick start those in the ass that don't have any drive at all.

But hey, that is just my opinion...

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